Quin-C Architecture

Currently the most common request I get is to explain Quin-C’s architecture. I have been asked it enough times that I figured it merited a blog entry of its own, so here goes.

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Features & Bugs & Errors

Blog post like these are why I have my own website:). If you are like me you are tired of the lack of transparency in the software industry. Every product I have OEM’ed and half of the ones we have purchased for corporate use are riddled with hidden bugs that I just know the vendor knew about . Some times its is totally obvious they knew, sometimes, it isn’t but I have worked in this industry for too long to think everyone is as ignorant as they pretend to be. That is why I have added a new section to the support page of the website called the transparency tracker.

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The road forward

I think 2018 is going to be a truly great year for Quin-C and the goal of this blog post is to convince you I am correct:). 2016, was project inception and definition. 2017 was core functionality, architecture, and flexibility. 2018 will be about work flow and feature enhancement. But what does that mean exactly? That is what I want to share here but before I do that I need to provide the standard disclaimer that since we are talking about futures I could easily be wrong about everything I am about to say. Quin-C is entirely market driven so if our customers push us in a different direction than what is articulated here, we will look back on this blog as a laundry list of lies:). Of course I will communicate changes as they happen so don’t worry but the point is things can change quickly so this is at best a guess of what is to come.

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