What is Quin-C?

Quin-C is the bright new future of forensics investigations. It delivers industry-first capabilities to dramatically improve the quality and speed of your investigations.

Our pioneering platform supports four primary form factors, from Quin-C Lite, an affordable entry-point solution, to Quin-C Collaboration, with a powerful AI engine that learns and assists your investigation.

Core to the Quin-C suite is a highly intuitive, open interface that’s easy to learn and quick to master.

Quin-C Products
FTK Summation Basic INVESTIGATOR LEGAL Collaboration
Simple, intuitive UI
FTK® integration
Fast, near-native document viewer
Cross Case Analysis
Desktop View
FTK View
Custom View
Filter Widget
Grid Widget
View Widget
Thumbnail Widget
Timeline Widget
Social Analyzer Widget
Charts Widget
Coding Panel Widget
Datatype Widget
Tasking Widget
Admin Widget
Search Report Widget
Bookmark Widget
Watson Widget
Map Widget
SQLite Viewer
Image Recognition
Chat Parsing(Belkasoft)
Basic Phone Analysis
Advanced Phone Analysis
Job Status Widget
Chat Widget
Localization Widget
Spreadsheet Widget
FTP Widget
Process Data
Interactive Training Widget
Hex Viewer


“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” — Shakespeare, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Built on the same technology that backs the world’s most powerful forensics platform, Quin-C Basic is our most affordable and easy-to-use solution. Get a streamlined interface, with simple and understandable forensics concepts and no jargon. Conduct an end-to-end investigation right away. As your knowledge and needs grow, upgrade easily to a more powerful version of Quin-C without having to abandon past work or learn new tools.

Simple and Intuitive UI

Quin-C Basic offers a super-clean UI that requires little to no training to use efficiently. In just a few clicks you can process, review and report on data.

Powerful Processing Options

With FTK® at its core, Quin-C Basic processes data better and faster than competing forensics solutions. It’s easy to find deleted data, encrypted files, file fragments and more.

Seamless Upgrades

You can’t know up front where your investigation will take you, or where it will end. That’s why we designed Quin-C Basic to let you upgrade seamlessly — to Quin-C Investigator, Quin-C Legal or Quin-C Collaboration — without reprocessing or special handling. You can even move to FTK if needed.


“You are about to enter the most important and fascinating sphere of police work: the world of forensics, where victims will reach back from the grave and point back a finger accusingly at their assailant.” — Dr. R. Quincy, M.E.

Quin-C Investigator delivers powerful processing capabilities like Quin-C Lite, but with a customizable UI, robust database analysis, fully integrated visualization tools and an extendable ecosystem. FTK® users can get seamless integration with Quin-C Investigator.

Flexible, Personalized UI

With the most advanced level of UI customization available, Quin-C Investigator lets users create a UI that exactly meets their needs and preferences. Use the free-form default desktop or an FTK®-like view, or construct a view all your own.

Desktop view
Custom view
FTK®-like view

Transformative Visualizations

Visualization tools not only help you understand your data, they can actually help you investigate your case. Quin-C supports timelines, maps, charts and link analysis, among other fully integrated and interactive tools.

Database-Version Support

FTK® users know to maintain past versions of the product in the event an old case comes back to life. Quin-C solves this problem with a version-agnostic architecture. Open any case in Quin-C regardless of the FTK version used to make it — you’ll only ever need to support one version of Quin-C, and upgrades aren’t an issue.

SQLite® Database Analysis

Quin-C not only loads and interprets data from a SQLite® database, helping you to quickly analyze its tables and contents, but also allows you to execute SQL commands. With basic knowledge of SQL, you can explore your data at a level that other forensics solutions — even FTK® — simply can’t match.

Extensive Ecosystem

Out of the box, Quin-C supports most types of evidence, but you can extend functionality and reach with powerful ADD-ONS*: Belkasoft® (for data parsing), Compelson® (for mobile data) and Google™ image recognition AI. Each snaps directly into the Quin-C interface to dramatically expand the ecosystem. *Available for Quin-C Investigator, Legal and Collaboration forms. Not available for Quin-C Lite.

250+ parsers include:
  • 155 IM formats
  • 19 browser formats
  • 13 mail formats
  • 6 cloud file formats
  • 4 P2P formats
  • 28 mobile apps
Mobile data parsing:
  • Complete phone support — analyze almost any phone on the market
  • Extensive phone app parsing
Image recognition:
  • Nudity
  • Up the skirt
  • Currency-bank notes
  • Currency-money coins
  • Drugs-alcohol
  • Drugs-drugs
  • Weapons-ammunition
  • Weapons-grenade
  • Weapons-handgun
  • Weapons-knife
  • Weapons-long gun

Integrated ecosystem expands capabilities


“He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.” — Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Designed specifically for legal investigations, Quin-C Legal supports compelling new visualizations, an all-HTML5 interface and customizable workflows. Integrates seamlessly with Summation® too.

Powerful, Customizable UI

Legal investigators face a user base with a wide range of needs and technical skills. Quin-C Legal offers countless UI configurations: You can set up a powerful UI for administrators, a simpler one for paralegals, and the simplest yet for lawyers. Make workflow-oriented UI’s that require little to no training!

  • Linear review desktop
  • Simple desktop
  • Comprehensive desktop

Fast, Near-Native Viewer

Quin-C speeds linear review of countless documents with the fastest web viewer on the market. Preload the first page then quickly thumb through the entire document. Our near-native viewer lets you interact with all types of files — even Excel — as though looking in their native applications, only faster.

Trusted Legal Analysis

Quin-C features a predictive coding algorithm that’s powerful, transparent and defendable. Support your case and show why each document codes as reactive or non-reactive by graphically presenting your data in interactive visualizations.

Integrated Visualizations

Visualization tools not only help you understand your data, they can help you get to your most important data faster. With Quin-C, timelines, maps, charts and link analysis are just part of an arsenal of fully integrated and interactive visualizations.

  • TimelinesRepresents any data with a date in chronological order
  • Social analyzerVisualizes any type of communication 
  • ChartsCreates complex charts for reporting and analysis


“Do your worst, for I will do mine!” — Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo

Quin-C Collaboration delivers first-in-the-industry forensics tools with groundbreaking collaboration, data visualization and UI customization features. Our top-of-the-line integrated solution supports the unique workflow of forensics labs and makes it easier for investigation teams to locate, understand and report on key pieces of data. It’s like having a seasoned investigator by your side.

True Artificial Intelligence

Quin-C Collaboration features a Watson widget that categorizes potentially relevant documents based on the type of investigation, your previous work, and the nature of the document set. Watson learns which searches are most likely to produce positive results and suggests these back to you.

In time, Quin-C Collaboration can even pre-investigate, offering insights before you’ve read a single document.

  • Predictive codingCapitalizes on the investigators’ existing work
  • Content clusteringFinds documents with similar content

Cross-Evidence Insight

Use Quin-C Collaboration to connect the dots across data sets and automatically surface deeper insights.
In one tap or click, find where multiple pieces of media contain matching information (e.g., phones that called the same number, or computers that emailed the same address). Quin-C can also reveal if suspects were ever near each other, where they were, and when they were there.

Match data across data sets to uncover hidden relationships

Integrated Collaboration Tools

Scale the talents of your most highly trained investigators and maximize the skills of lesser-trained staff through Watson-based integrated chat, task tracking and workflow automation. Quin-C Collaboration leverages the abilities of your entire team to help each member work as productively as your best employee.

  • Tasking
  • Chat
Workflow automation

Next-Level Data Analysis

Virtually eliminate false positives — a common pitfall of grep — when searching for critical number data from governments, banks, medical systems, and more.

Using on-the-fly code execution, Quin-C lets you enter C# code directly into your system and run it against every search result. Users with virtually no programming skills can locate just about any data point, no matter how complex.

Code injection